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Delicious snacks that every body can enjoy.
Fostering human connection + sustainability, one lollipop at a time.
Eat the way nature intended.
Organic cold brew coffee for busy people.
A Brooklyn-based company that crafts unique, sustainably-minded pantry ingredients.
Looking for the hard-to-pronounce ingredients? There's nothing but real food here.
Beautiful spices. Equitably sourced.
Crunchy popped water lily seeds that are free of major allergens.
Designed to help you navigate the low FODMAP diet and your long-term wellness in managing gut health.
Cut your sugar spikes with this natural, everyday mealtime drink.
HighKey Snacks let you fill up on great taste without slowing you down
High quality plant vased power snacks - for life.
We make the world's first spreadable granola. Vegan, gluten-free, allergen-friendly & school-safe.
We’re a small group of Southern-style barbeque lovers driven to make our families and friends proud.
Gut-friendly foods for people on a low FODMAP diet.
Delicious, sustainable food products made from algae.
The power of plant-based creamer - smooth, balanced + delicious.
Our cookies give delicious peace of mind to those with dietary restrictions.
Next level keto energy
On demand fuel, for peak performance without the crash.
Healthy and nutritious, without sacrificing the “delicious”.
The air popped superfood snack made from sorghum grain.
Crunchy lentils with 3 core ingredients: lentils, olive oil & seasoning.
Out with the bars, in with the bites. Siren is the next generation protein snack.
We upcycle nutrient dense sweet potatoes into delicious snack food the whole family can feel good about.
Our whole food, plant-based snacks make it easy for you to eat clean on-the-go.
Tandem Bars contain soluble fiber and insoluble fiber to improve heart health, digestive health and regularity.
Dedicated to digestive well-being and sustainable living.
Healthy, accessible food that nourishes communities and spreads the authenticity of Vermont.
A no-shortcut apple cider vinegar with quality ingredients and quality processing.
Delicious, clean food with traceable transparency.
Squeeze with Aloha!